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Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne

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    Invictus Aqua by Paco...

    NVICTUS Aqua, Aqua-Champion An epic hero facing the waves, the ultimate challenge mastering the sea. Turned to the ocean, facing the deep, Aqua power! Impossible for mere mortals… but drawing a new force from the depths. Commanding the ocean, raising it up. INVICTUS AQUA. Dive into the salty of the abyss. Colossal freshness and underwater woods. An ultra-fresh woody where opposing forces meet. A smash-up of marine freshness and a woody-amber surf.

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    1Million by Paco...

    The limited edition box, 1 Million Paco Rabanne is available in 2 versions with vapo. 50ml or 100ml ... which consist of:

    - Eau de Toilette 1 Million Vapo.50ml + the Vapo. Spray 10ml.


    - Eau de Toilette 1 Million Vapo.100ml + Perfumed Shower Gel 100ml

    A spicy-fresh leather with insolent charm.

    The perfume of success.

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    Invictus by Paco...

    He is an icon for men and the absolute fantasy for women. A fragrance that will make you feel the adrenaline of competition and the ecstasy of victory. A sensual fresh fragrance in which the sea grapefruit and guaiac tree faces. The spicy against the intense. Two forces: whipping freshness and animal heat. Who wins?

    How to use: The fragrance should be applied on key points of the skin such as the neck and wrist, your skin should be clean and hydrated, this helps your fragrance lasts a little longer, although remember that it is vital for the duration. Choose a fragrance according to your personality

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    Lady Million Lucky...

    Hack the life of your dreams. Life is a game! Seek out sensations. No limits. Create your own luck as you go. Don’t wait. Lady MILLION LUCKY. A euphoric flower in every way: sparkling, vibrant, addictive. With a dash of insolence and sandalwood. An audacious rose. 80 ml. Imported.

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    Paco Rabanne 1 Million...

    Humor, sensuality, gentleman style.
    Paco Rabanne bets 1 million on the great return of male seduction.
    Gold, the favorite material of Paco Rabanne, reappears here in an amazing jar in the shape of a gold ingot, numbered and carved.
    Dandy with the look of a ruffian, model Matt Gordon is the icon of 1 Million.
    Difficult to catalog, 1 Million is a unique fragrance combining fresh notes, aromatic and spicy scents, juicy fruit sensation, but also notes of flowers, warm woods and a soft leather imprint.

    Exit: Mandarina Sanguínea, Grapefruit and Peppermint.
    Heart: Absolute Rose, Cinnamon and Spices.
    Background: Blond leather, Patchouli, White wood and Amber.

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    Ultraviolet by Paco...

    It has the peculiarity of being extremely amber. This perfume in contact with the skin emits a woody sensuality of patchouli refreshes chilli and softens with violet, with the fruity notes of osmanthus and apricot skin, leaving a very characteristic floral-fruity wake.

    Head notes: Osmanthus, Apricot, Cilantro, Palo de Rosa
    Heart note: Violet, Chilli Pepper, Rose, Jasmine
    Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

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    Paco 1 Million by...

    Launched by the design house of Paco Rabanne in the year 2008. This floral fragrance has a blend of blond leather, blood orange, mint, grapefruit, rose, and patchouli notes. It is recommended for casual wear. 


    2 Pc Gift Set 1.7oz EDT Spray, 0.51oz EDT Travel Spray

    Launched by the design house of Paco Rabanne in the year 2008.

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    Paco Rabanne Invictus...

    When anything but winning is not an option. The woody and fresh notes set a masculine statement. The Set contains a Eau de 100 ml, Deodorant Spray 150 ml. Fragrance Family: Woody, Fresh. Top Notes: Grapefruit, Marine notes. Heart Notes: Bay leaf, Jasmine. Base Notes: Gaiac wood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Ambergris.

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    Invictus Intense by...

    Invictus by Paco Rabanne is created using fresh sea notes. This perfume has a delightful and pleasing aroma. It comes in a classy 100 ml glass container. Concocted by Paco Rabanne, the Invictus is a woody fragrance for men. With mellow and refreshing sea notes, this Paco Rabanne fragrance has a fresh opening. Jasmine gives this scent an infectious sweetness that lingers on for long.

    Launched in 2016 Suitable for fall or winter wear.

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    Paco Rabanne1Million...

    Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive Men's 3.4-ounce Eau de Parfum Spray

    Smell extravagant with this 1 Million Prive eau de parfum spray that combines nargile tobacco and myrrh, along with a patchouli and tonka bean base. This spray comes in a travel size for easy transport when on trips.

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    Paco Rabanne 1 Million...

    Monopoly collector is a limited edition of the famous 1 million perfume, this edition has been launched in 2017, on the occasion of the arrival of summer

    Its olfactory pyramid begins with an aromatic tandem of fresh notes, and an intense background of woody notes, very masculine

    After a few minutes this fragrance in tune with the skin, gives out its enveloping sensual aroma that fuses red mandarin, grapefruit and mint, with notes of cinnamon and roses.

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    Paco Rabanne 1 Million...

    Show off your masculine side with 1 Million Absolutely Gold, a men's fragrance from the design house of Paco Rabanne. Launched in 2008, this cologne has a warm, spicy aroma with subtle citrus and floral tones.

    Its notes include blood mandarin, cardamom, rose, neroli, and cinnamon, all of which combine to create a long-lasting scent that's sure to boost your confidence and draw attention. One or two sprays of this intoxicating cologne will last for hours.

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    Black Xs By Paco...

    PACO BLACK XS was launched by the designer house of Paco Rabanne in 2005. This scent possesses a blend of calabrian lemon, kalamzni, praline, cinnamon, balsam, black cardamon, palissander wood, black amber and patchouli.All products are original, authentic name brands. 

    It is recommended for romantic wear.

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    Paco Rabanne 3.4 oz...

    An often overlooked essential of any man's grooming care, men's fragrances are a subtle way to add sophistication and confidence. Try out this versatile Paco Rabanne Pour Homme scent that will make a positive impression everywhere you go. Known for using unconventional and audacious materials in his fashion line, French designer Paco Rabanne’s brand of scents is equally flamboyant and daring. Is formulated with a light and refreshing blend of exotic oils. The potent woody scent adds an outdoorsy natural charm to this refreshing masculine fragrance. Recommended for all-day wear, this scent offers a combination of notes that is both subtle and seductive. 

    Featuring a container size of 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz that is generous enough to accommodate regular daily usage.

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    Paco Rabanne Invictus...

    An aquatic woody fragrance for men.

    Fresh, spicy, sweet, watery & enlivening Top notes of grapefruit & marine accord Heart notes of bay leaf & Hedione jasmine Base notes of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss & ambergris.

    Launched in 2013 Recommended for spring or summer wear.

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    Paco Rabanne Invictus...

    If you're in need of a midday refresher, spray Invictus on yourself to liven up your day. This men's fragrance reveals a number of notes, including hints of grapefruit, Hedione jasmine, patchouli, bay leaves, and oak moss. Launched by Paco Rabanne in 2013, this delightful fragrance is perfect for the man who wants to always be at his best. This flexible scent can be worn at the office or at an afternoon gathering of friends or family.

    Fragrance Notes: Mandarin Orange, Sea Notes, Bay Leaf, Jasmine, Wood, Lemon, Ambergris, Patchouli, Oakmoss

    Fragrance Family:  Woody Acquatic

    Recommended Use: All Occasions

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    Paco Rabanne Invictus...

    INVICTUS AQUA 3.4 Fl. Oz.  Spray Men. Designer:paco Rabanne

    Invictus Aqua begins with an energetic combination of grapefruit, yuzu and pink pepper

    Marine notes in the heart are wrapped in an herbal violet leaf accord

    The powerful scent of guaiac wood is paired with ambergris and woody amber in the base Note

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    Paco By Paco Rabanne...

    Perfume EDT for Men & Women

    Design House:Paco Rabanne

    Fragrance Notes:coriander, amalfi lemon, mandarin orange, pine, lavender

    Year Introduced:1995

    Recommended Use:daytime

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    1 Million by Paco...

    A fresh, spicy and leather fragrance, a striking contrast combining refined sensuality and asserted virility. 1 Million is the expression of every man?s fantasies.

    Gold, gold, gold! The bottle is an extremely modern and masculine reinterpretation of a gold ingot. Simple and elegant, it becomes a genuine object of desire. The finely engraved logo takes an inspiration from the Far West style typography.

    Top Notes: Peppermint and blood mandarin.
    Heart Notes: Cinnamon and rose absolute.
    Base Notes: Amberketal and leather accord.

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    Lady Million By Paco...

    Launched by the design house of Paco Rabanne in 2015.

    Launched in 2010 by Paco Rabanne, Lady Million is an aptly named eau de parfum spray for women. This rich concoction suggests opulence and poise, but comes across as approachable and fresh. Following a crisp opening of raspberry and Amalfi lemon, the scent deepens into a mesmerizing floral mix, with jasmine and African orange flower defining its heart. Warm honey notes linger on long after the first application, emphasizing the sweet quality of this fragrance with its golden undertones. A versatile and feminine scent, Lady Million is the final touch that gives your presence a glamorous vibe.

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    Paco Rabanne Olympea...

    The design remains the same with the iconic laurel crown, symbol of victory since ancient times, but this time glass is a frosted appearance, a simple and clever way to prevent the juice in it is intensely fresh

    Head notes: Calabrian bergamot, petit grain, aquatic agreements

    Heart notes: ginger

    Notes bottom: vanilla, ambergris, cashmere wood

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    Paco Rabanne Olympea...

    Our sublime modern day goddess has returned. Bolder and more intense.

    Olympéa has never been so commandingly sexy, effortlessly turning all eyes towards her. She is the definitive embodiment of a woman empowered: beautiful and independent, fiercely feminine.

    Oriental ambery, salty-vanilla amber accord. Carnal and charming. With an orange blossom note pulsating to white pepper. Flowers bloom and tumble into a salty-vanilla and white eternal amber base.

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    Paco Rabanne Lady...

    The Lady Million bottle is inspired by the fabrics of Paco Rabanne. An elegant, rounded and extremely feminine bottle. With a slightly softer gold than the masculine one, the metallic front in relief combines with a faceted glass with the objective of highlighting the juice. It is the perfect match for the 1 million ingot: A golden diamond, strong and with a firm signature.


    Output: Sour orange and raspberry.

    Heart: Absolute orange blossom and absolute jasmine.

    Background: Patchouli and honey.